How to Unleash Your Personal Power to Create Positive Outcomes for Your Life

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2020

The story you are about to hear is so amazing and is the perfect example to help you discover precisely how to unleash your personal power and begin to create great outcomes for your life.

Do you know how powerful you truly are?

Well, we are almost certain that you have no idea how powerful you are.

This is why it is very important that you listen to what we are about to share with you in this video over the next few minutes.

The story that we want to share to help you understand the power you have within you centers around my son Nathan and his job search efforts upon graduating from college. It’s the perfect example to help you become clear on how to apply these ideas to your own life to get incredible results.

As a senior in college, it was very easy for him to land a great job offer well before graduation. He was clear and excited and confident and a great offer came with ease. This is what I call “Stressless Success,” the title of my recent best-selling book.

Upon receiving the offer after a series of interviews, however, he noticed he had an uncomfortable feeling. The job was going to require him to move to a new state. He described later how he kept trying to talk himself into the idea that the move would be good for him.

The pandemic hit and this job position was put on hold indefinitely. This is actually no surprise looking back because as his feelings became uncomfortable about this job, the outcome shifted. He was trying to use his head instead of shifting his feelings or his energy around the situation.

After waiting several months, he became concerned and then frustrated and then filled with fear. He started to fear that he would be a year out of college and he would still not have a job, even though it had only been a few months since graduation. It is interesting to see how we create fears out of false thoughts.

So, he proceeded from his head and focused very hard on searching for a job. He practically pushed his way into a company that was already far along with the interview process for one of their positions. The interviews were going great but he began to learn a few things about the position that he didn’t find appealing. As a matter of fact, a few were quite concerning.

People around him told him sternly, “You better get a job,” and he felt pressure around his friends as he noticed that even though he was the first one to land a great job offer while still in college, he was the only one now without a job. This all made him feel worse.

He decided one morning that he needed to just sit down and clear his head and meditate. He was not one to meditate often and was not at all an expert meditator. Within seconds of sitting quietly and clearing his mind, however, he was contacted by a recruiter about an amazing position that was exactly what he wanted and one that would best utilize his specifics skills and talents. A better job opportunity came to him without effort once he shifted his energy.

Many things happened on his journey through the interview process for this better job that was a bit like a rollercoaster ride. But by getting out of his head and working his energy as he took positive action through the process, he landed the best job of all. The job is located in his home town where he could continue to be around his friends and family, doing something he truly loved and felt inspired about and for the highest salary and upward potential.

The key points are of the story are:

  • Things happen around you based on the energy (or feelings) that you are generating from within you.
  • If you feel uncomfortable about something, you may get an uncomfortable result.
  • When something happens that appears to be “bad” it could actually be good. Try to trust the process.
  • The key to success is to get out of your head and into your energy.
  • Take action only from a place of positivity, not from fear.
  • You don’t need to be perfect at this. Even small improvements in your energy create huge results.

Watch the video to hear the whole story and use this as a learning opportunity to apply this to your life.


Everything in your life is a reflection of the energy within you that you create.

Don’t be discouraged by this but be encouraged because the moment you realize that you are no longer a victim of what happens around you, but instead, you have the power to create your life from the energy within you, then you will know it is time for you to create from your own personal power.

We all sometimes tend to hang onto challenging thoughts and feelings.

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