Stop Suffering and Start Succeeding

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2022

You're Making it Harder Than it Has to Be

Do you believe that you must pay a steep price to get ahead or that something worth having is worth working very hard for?

Of course, you do.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “No Pain, No Gain” which is a proverb that means, “in order to make progress or to be successful, one must suffer.”

Have you suffered enough?

I hope you’ve reached the end of that rope that you’ve grabbed onto and are ready to be done with that way of living. It’s time to stop suffering and instead start succeeding.

When You Try HARD You Make it HARD to Try

I’m here to tell you that you’ve been making everything harder than it has to be. There is not only a better way to work and live but when you make what I call the Stressless Success Shift™ you get far better results and experience far more success in a far more fulfilling way from the work that you do.

You’ve been taught, probably your entire life, that money doesn’t grow on trees. Or, others have told you that you must work hard to get ahead or that stress is a requirement for success. These were so called “words of wisdom” by many well-meaning people in your life that only wanted the best for you. Well, that is the old way and I’ve discovered through my own hard work, stress, struggle, and ultimate burnout, that the truth is the opposite.

Don't allow something that is HARD to believe stop you from realizing that you're trying too HARD.

Does this sound too good to be true?

I get that initial reaction all the time. But when those that are willing to be open to a better way truly listen and begin to practice what I preach, then look out!  They experience breakthroughs in every area of their lives and these become an ongoing occurrence.

Take Action From an Uplifted State of Being

I’m not saying that all you need to do is sit and imagine, like so many new agers try to tell you. Yes, using your imagination to uplift your energy is a powerful way to start your day. What I’m saying is to take action but the action you take toward your goals and dreams should not be taken from a place of stress and struggle. Action does not have to be difficult and trying does not have to be hard. Take action from an elevated and expanded or uplifted state of being. Strive forward and enjoy excited anticipation and pride of where your positive action will take you, and you will not only experience a more fulfilling way to live, but you will create far better outcomes and much greater success.

There is nothing wrong at all with putting a great deal of time and energy toward achieving something great. This is amazing and a sign of a true high performer. But wouldn’t you rather feel invigorated through the process of achieving instead of burned out, stressed out and exhausted? And more importantly, wouldn’t you rather enjoy greater success and fulfillment?

Of course, you would!

Pushing Hard Blocks Progress

When you really want something, you become more emotionally tied to the outcome. This desire from a severe place of lack, fear, anxiety, or stress creates a lot of friction. You strive and push so hard against this friction that is slows your progress and will wear you down. The friction you feel and the walls of resistance that you build through stress and struggle also block great ideas and opportunities, that you would never have thought of in thousands of hours of hardcore thinking, from flowing to you.

It’s time to Let go of the struggle, and let go of the suffering. Let go of the friction and open up to new possibilities and begin to enjoy the process.

How One Client Went From Extreme Stress to Success

I mentioned a client of mine in my latest blog , “Curveballs Help You to Improve Your Skills in the Game of Life,” who thought something that was bad turned out to be something that was amazingly good. The point made in that article is not to overreact and instead hone your skills of resilience.

That same client, who is a pilot, has been stressing and struggling over the annual flight simulator test that he needed to prepare for and take this spring. After months of worrying and stressing over this exam, we were able to get to a better place energetically. From that better place, far more positive progress was realized.

I’ll never forget the first meeting when he arrived at my office all tense and burned out. He said that he had been trying everything for many decades but couldn’t break through the negativity and it was wreaking havoc in many areas of his life. He was wondering if he even should proceed any longer with his career.

In our discussion, I learned that he had traveled around the world as a pilot, which at first he complained about. I then asked him to tell me about his favorite place he ever visited. He proceeded to describe a trip to Nairobi, Kenya. As I asked him to share more detail, his demeanor completely changed. His face and eyes lit up with excitement as he told me the story of his visit to that amazing city and the incredible people he met.

Elevate Your State of Being

I then was able to ask him, from this more elevated state of being, “What do you love about being a pilot?”

He shared how blessed he has been to be able to travel and share the world with his family even though he came from a small blue-collar town where opportunities were limited. He was truly blessed and could feel it.

What did I do? I got him to go from stress to excitement then to deep appreciation.

In one conversation, we began the process of changing his life from trying too hard to living more with the inspiration and invigoration of all that was before him. We shifted his energy which began to shift his life.

Could One Conversation Change Your Life?

I believe so.

Yes, we’ve since then gone further and deeper into my discoveries and he too realized that this self-empowering skill of creating more success with less stress takes practice and additional consulting sessions. But he now knows my secret to success and is becoming stronger and wiser and thus more fulfilled with each passing day.

Enjoy a powerful conversation that will change your life by contacting me for a free strategy call.



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