To Get Into the Flow You’ve Got to Allow Things to Flow

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2022

Stop Struggling for Success

Sometimes, you need to laugh at life.  Please start now so that your life can begin to improve immediately!

Last week I misplaced something important and somewhat valuable. I searched my entire home and even found myself digging through the garbage to make sure this item didn’t’ accidentally land there. It was quite a messy and smelly operation.

Finally, I gave up and got online to order a replacement. I immediately became intrigued by the fresh and unique style and design of the web site I landed upon to order the item. I quickly shared it with my tech support team just as they were beginning to embark on the design and development of our new expanded web site we are creating for you.

We all were so enthused about this web development technique because it gives us the ability to create exactly what I was envisioning but did not know how to accomplish, technologically speaking. Prior to this discovery, I feared that my visions went beyond the capabilities of today’s online tools.

Immediately after giving up on finding the lost item and enjoying the feeling of enthusiasm over what I discovered for our site, I found the item I was missing. (This is what I call Stressless Success). It was on a shelf in a kitchen cabinet right next to my juicer. I must have set it down there to have two free hands to lift my heavy juicer. And, because the item is white, which is the same color as the shelf and my juicer, it blended in too well for my eyes to see it previously.

When you let go of the struggle and allow life to flow, you just may discover that you are being led to solutions that create a greater and more fulfilling life of flow, ease, and ultimate success.

Why am I sharing this story?

It’s because I realized that by losing the item, it led me to a grand discovery. The problem I was struggling against was a blessing. I can’t help but wonder if my guardian angels did that to me on purpose. My creative juices were not flowing properly enough to design this amazing new web site to help you elevate and expand your life. So, I ironically left the item by the juicer which led me to the advanced technological technique that is the answer we were looking for. From this, all creative juices started to flow from me and my design team, led by my son, Nathan.

There is humor and irony in so much of our lives if we are open to enjoy them.

If I would have realized that all things happen for a reason that is ultimately to my benefit in some way, I would have flowed through the issue trusting that I would either find the item or soon own something even nicer. By being in the flow, life is more enjoyable because you avoid the uncomfortable feelings of stress and struggle. When life becomes more enjoyable and you feel the freedom and inspiration of flowing through life, this shifts the energy that emanates from you and soon, greater success flows to you with ease.

Stand back, take a deep breath, and begin to view any large and small challenges in your life with a new perspective. Consider letting go or even give up for a short while to release the feeling or energy of struggle that may be blocking your success.

Trust and have faith that any challenges may benefit you in some way and that wonderful solutions exist. Open your door, mentally, emotionally, and energetically, and allow those to flow to you. When you allow things to flow you enter the flow of life where things become easier, more successful, and far more fulfilling. 

About the Author

Janet McKee, is a Speaker, Best-Selling Author, High Performance™ Success Coach, Wellness Expert, and CEO of SanaView. She is on a mission to empower you with new discoveries on how to live a more successful and inspired life.

Ms. McKee  is best known for her #1 best-selling book titled, “Stressless Success: The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity.”   Ms.McKee is the creator of the innovative and acclaimed Accelerated High Performance Program and emPower3 retreats designed to help you Fuel Your Passion, Positivity, and Purpose.

Whether you consult with Ms. McKee directly or hire her to speak to your organization, you will learn her proven methods to achieve greater levels of energy, joy, confidence, and success. To learn more visit and She can be reached at (724) 417-6695 or [email protected]


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