More to Energize Your Life – Part 1 Continued

Uncategorized May 05, 2020

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Do you believe that you must stress and struggle to achieve success?

I’m here to tell you that you’re making it harder than it has to be.

In my latest #1 best-selling book, Stressless Success, I share with you how stress is actually hazardous to your success. When you stress and struggle, you block solutions and opportunities from coming to you. The answer to a life of success is learning how to diminish stress and energize yourself with passion and positivity.

Many speak about the power of doing what you can to improve the three layers of mind, body, and spirit. Well, I’ve discovered that there is a fourth layer and when we learn to enhance and elevate our mind, body, spirit, and energy, then life begins to rock ‘n’ roll.

What do I mean by energy? In the book and in my teachings, I do speak about physical and mental energy and how wellness is the foundation of success. But the truth, as discovered by quantum physicists, is that everything is energy at the sub-atomic level (inside every atom).  What I found most fascinating about their discovery is that even your thoughts generate energy that can impact everything around you. We will address this more deeply in later episodes.

So far, in my Energize Your Life series, we have been focusing on your physical and mental energy. You must take great care of yourself if you are going to have the energy and mental clarity to create a successful life. Mind and body really are not separate so how you feed your body impacts your mental clarity and what you feed your mind, impacts your physical wellness too. It is quite simple to build a strong foundation with proper sleep, hydration, nutrients, and movement for blood flow and oxygen.

In the first episode, I spoke about how to begin your day. This is the foundation that must be built to create a great day. I often say, “How you begin your day is how you are going to experience your day.” I did talk about my morning routine, including my energizing breakfast of green juice and smoothies. In a follow-up video, I even showed you how to grow your own fresh sprouts. If you missed these previous episodes, be sure to check them out here

Movement with deep breathing is key to increase your blood circulation to carry energizing nutrients and oxygen to every cell of your body. Re-energizing all throughout your day is the secret to ending your day even more energized than when you began.

I recently studied the neuroscience behind movement and learned that when you move your body:

  • You release serotonin, which is your feel-good hormone,
  • You release dopamine, which is the pleasure and inspirational transmitter,
  • You release norepinephrine that improves your focus,
  • Movement increases neurogenesis, to grow new brain cells, and of course,
  • Movement increases your metabolism too!

Now hopefully, you see that movement is not just to feel fit and healthy, it is critical for the release of amazing brain chemistry too.

Knowing all of this, I do always try to pay attention to what I am eating, how I am living, and how my choices make me feel. I know that sugar is a disaster for my energy, clarity, and mood I’ve always have had the good habit of avoiding simple sugar and instead enjoy one of my truly healthy desserts.

But as life would have it, especially during this state of lockdown and social distancing, I ate some sugar. Once because we were celebrating my dad’s birthday and, on another occasion, we enjoyed some homemade pie. After each of these times I noticed that I not only had low energy but that I couldn’t focus and worse yet, I found myself feeling sad and depressed. And, those of you that know me know that this truly is not the real me.

Watch the video to hear how much a bit of simple sugar destroyed my ability to feel clear, energized, and positive and how a lack of sleep led to a reliance on caffeine that affected my son, Nathan, too.

After all of this so far, we have a new formula for success to share with you:


The time is now for you to focus on your health and wellbeing and establish practices and habits BEFORE you are fully back at work again. Create the foundation now so that it is easy for you to generate high energy, clarity, confidence and joy with zero stress.

Then look out world! You are going to be a source of positive energy and begin to create a far more successful life than you ever thought was possible.

Live well and enjoy!


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