Energize Your Life Part 1 Continued – Simple Steps to Enjoy the Most Nutritious Energizing Foods All Year

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2020

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As you know from my previous post, I’m doing a series for you on how to Live an Energized Life. I shared with you in that post my specific morning routine and breakfast ideas to set the foundation for an energized day.

I shared my green juice and smoothie bowl idea. Well, there are two additional points I want to make about that and then share with you the simplest and least expensive way to truly get the highest nutrition and most energizing food for an energized life.

First, if you don’t care to drink green juice as I do, simply add some fresh green leafy vegetables to your fruit smoothie. You won’t even taste them but you get all of the energizing and detoxifying benefits of fresh greens.

Second, I mentioned briefly the energizing benefits of eating your fruits and vegetables raw or uncooked. Well, to get even more energy and nutrition from raw foods, try sprouts. Sprouts are not only raw, they are living. They are still growing and therefore, are one of the highest sources of energizing enzymes and powerful nutrients.

Sprouts are by far the easiest and least expensive way to have the freshest greens that boast the highest nutrient content of any fresh produce you can possibly consume. As a matter of fact, many researchers have stated that fresh sprouts contain anywhere from 4 – 40 times more nutrients than the adult vegetable at full growth.

Many may ask, how can this be so? Well, a seed is actually rich in all of the nutrients it needs to germinate (i.e. sprout) into a growing plant. And, these nutrients are at its highest peak of availability during the first several days after it begins to sprout. So, when you consume fresh sprouts that are only a week or so old, you are consuming the highest nutrient produce at a point that is easiest to digest. This enables you to assimilate the boost of nutrients that are present during this early stage of a plant’s growth.

What is also incredible is that these are by far the easiest things to grow any time of year and incredibly inexpensive. After learning how to do this, you will no longer have the excuse that fresh organic produce is not available (especially during the winter) or is too expensive. I will now equip you with the information you need to grow the most powerful nutrition that takes less than two minutes per day and costs pennies.

Many companies will try to sell you all sorts of fancy and sometimes expensive contraptions to grow your own sprouts. I, on the other hand, feel that these devices make these wonderful solutions seem complicated and unavailable to those who do not have them. Meanwhile, growing sprouts can be done in the most successful way with items you probably have right now, sitting in your kitchen cabinet. If you follow these simple instructions, you will have the perfect fail-safe solution to growing your own sprouts!

Click here for directions to grow leafy sprouts.

Click here for directions to grow sprouted legumes.


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