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Uncategorized Apr 07, 2022

How to Change Something You Feel is “BAD” into Something GOOD

Have you ever experienced something that you thought was “bad” only to find out later it was actually a good thing?

Me too.

What I’ve learned because of this, though, is that life becomes so much easier and more successful when you learn how to unleash your inner power over any given situation and your entire life. Once you do, you not only create a good outcome from something that appears to be bad, but you will no longer live fearing the next challenge that may come your way.

Gain the Skills of Resilience

I’ve written before about how to reframe any situation from bad to better and learn skills of resilience in my blog, “Four Steps to Turn Any Situation Around and Create a New Reality.” This is all about changing the way you view any challenging situation.

Practice Your New View on Life

But why wait until something “bad” happens to struggle and stress and attempt to learn this critical concept? Just like flexing a muscle to make it stronger, I want you to begin to practice viewing every challenge as what I call, “A glorious exploration of life.”

What? How can a life filled with challenges be glorious?

Begin to recognize that each challenge makes you stronger and wiser and may often point you in a better and more joyful direction. Just like in baseball, learning how to handle curveballs, makes you a far superior player. Without curveballs, you would never improve your skills. Or, when you reach a roadblock in your life, notice the detours and the truly amazing places they guide you toward. Each challenge is a glorious opportunity to be shown a better way.

Did you ever lose an employee or a job or a lover only to find out later that where you landed was far better? Of course, you have.

Take a High-Performance Success coaching client of mine who recently waited for days to get a chance to glide in an air-gliding expedition. He started to get angry as each day that he was not selected to glide passed by. Well, when he finally was selected on the very last day, he got to ride waves that the team of experts explained were the best they had experienced in over a decade.

God (or the Universe or his Guardian Angels etc.) held him back so that he could have the privilege of experiencing the thrill of a lifetime. Instead of spending the days of waiting getting angrier and angrier and suffering and stressing – he walked away and did something to uplift his spirits. Wow, his spirits sure did literally and figuratively get the lift of a lifetime!

So, what appeared to be “bad” was actually good.

Live as if Life is a Glorious Exploration

What I’m asking you to consider, is to live each day knowing this BEFORE any challenge comes your way.

Instead of worrying and stressing through life, if you take each day as a fun combination of challenges and triumphs, you are at that moment, experiencing a successful life. From that new way of living with ongoing positive anticipation (or energy), you will continue to create even greater success.

Live this way and you will never again have to live with worry or fear.

If you need help getting started, contact me for a complimentary strategy session where we can discuss how to transform your energy and your life to create greater success.








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