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Janet McKee, MBA, CHPC, CHHC - Speaker, Best-Selling Author, High Performance Consultant, Success Coach, CEO of SanaView


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How Janet Can Empower You

Inspirational Speaker

Janet possesses the rare ability to captivate audiences through real-life stories that uplift + empower people with true solutions that change lives.

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Best-Selling Author

Through success, achievement, positivity, wellness books and articles, Janet McKee equips you with every tool you need to construct a successful life.

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Success Coach

By walking her clients through her acclaimed Accelerated High Performance Program, Janet shares proven solutions that are guaranteed to transform your life.

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Wellness Expert

Janet, a certified Holistic Health Counselor from Columbia University, is your resource to live a high-energy, positive, healthy life of joy and confidence.

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"Janet is one of the most passionate human beings I have known. Whether she is advising you on nutrition and wellbeing, or mentoring on high performance coaching, her every action exuberates passion, belief, and ultimate success. She has the ability to help you explore the depths of your purpose to realize both your extrinsic and intrinsic goals and bring them to fulfillment. I have had the pleasure of working with Janet in all of her areas of expertise and have benefitted greatly personally and professionally."


Why You Need Janet

Ongoing Support

Janet provides unparalleled personal support to individuals and teams, always making sure everyone has the tools they need to succeed. 

Accelerated Achievement

Achieve greater levels of personal and professional success with Janet's science-backed, proven methodology.

Personal Power

Take your personal power back and never again be left feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed in your life.

Janet has dedicated her life to sharing her unique discoveries to elevate every area of your life.


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